Titanium Toothpicks
4 SkyHighTi Titanium Toothpicks
These are available in anodized colors.
The listing shows the set color but if
you like a mix please make sure you
leave a clear note at purchase.
The following colors are options:
Purple, Blue, Gold, Lavender, Green,
These are very sharp on the end and
will punch holes with ease. Titanium
is a very clean metal for tooth picking.
From SkyHighTi
4.8 grams for the set of 4
4 Silver Toothpicks
4 Blue Toothpicks
4 Gold Toothpicks
4 Lavender Toothpicks
4 Green Toothpicks
Titanium Mesh Anodes
These work as an anode for both aluminum anodizing and
titanium anodizing. Titanium mesh works well because there
is a larger surface area over sheet. As an anode these will last
many years, the anode we use is about 5 years old now.
Connections should be made with ti wire.
1mm thick
Edges are sharp so please wear gloves when working with this.
20cm x 20cm Section
10cm x 20cm Section
10cm x 10cm Section
Titanium Flat Plate
Titanium Flat Plate
This is for varying sizes
of flat titanium plate.
Grade 2 Titanium.
Will work in acid and is
non corrosive.
2mm x 20cm x 20cm Section
1.5mm x 20cm x 20cm Section
1.25mm x 20cm x 20cm Section
1.0mm x 20cm x 20cm Section
0.5mm x 20cm x 20cm Section
Titanium Wire
Titanium Wire
Grade 2 titanium wire.
Suitable for anodizing and
in not reactive with acid.
Sold by the foot. Multiple
sections of the same size
will not be cut but will be
one solid length.
Flexible Wire - Not Springy.
0.50mm x 3 Foot Section
0.75mm x 3 Foot Section
1.0 mm x 3 Foot Section
0.50mm x 10 Foot Section
0.75mm x 10 Foot Section
1.0 mm x 10 Foot Section
1.25 mm x 10 Foot Section
1.5 mm x 10 Foot Section
1.25 mm x 3 Foot Section
1.5 mm x 3 Foot Section
4 Sky High Ti Sheppard Hooks - 2.0mm
The lightest Ti Sheppard Hooks.
These have a 2mm diameter and are
grade 5 titanium.
They will hold quite a bit but will flex.

These are available in anodized colors.
From SkyHighTi
4 Silver- 2.0mm Hooks
4 Blue- 2.0mm Hooks
4 Gold- 2.0mm Hooks
4 Lavender- 2.0mm Hooks
4 Green- 2.0mm Hooks
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Titanium Specialty Bolt - 5mm x 30mm
This is for a specially made 5mm
countersunk bolt for marine
This has an threaded portion of 5mm
leaving a large non threaded portion.
5mm shaft diameter
30mm total length
Specialty Bolt