Can I pick up an order locally?
We have a store on Kingston Rd.., Toronto. Please contact me for the location and items you need
I allow pickups but need to have the payment processed within the store.
We accept cash or credit. No Debit.  HST will apply in store.
The easiest way for me to process is to use the store shopping cart and copy-paste it and email it to me so I
can make sure I have the items you want.
Orders placed online will be shipped as usual.
Why are prices in USD and you are in Canada?
I chose long ago to use USD as it is the exchange rate most commonly used and is generally the industry
standard.  I do understand the rate has to be converted in Canada but I wound up converting for the rest
of the world. USD is the universal currency.
Are these items made in Canada?
Most items are made here in Toronto. Items from other companies will be made there.
Will I get a tracking number with my order?
Generally no, unless you pay for tracking.  Canada Post rates are very expensive to insure (10.00 Canada,
15.00 USA, 50.00 overseas) and I have no other option but to ship via Air Mail.  Please keep this in mind
when ordering.
Why are you not on Forums?
Forums are a great way to get information about products. For this reason I don't try and cloud the system with self promotion.
I will address some forum topics for public viewing on the Blog in the future.

I will make a note here that I will not respond to abuse, cursing, threats, extortion and the like. I will treat everyone nicely and
would hope for the same in return. These types of behaviours will result in ejection from the store and future order placements will
be blocked permanently.
I have had a few (not often) that have tried to resolve a small issue by intense pressure and threats of forum abuse. I will not accept
this and is your right to post negatively if you like.
I'm a new customer, I'm not sure about Air Mail with no trace.
My best advise for the shipping from Canada with no trace is if your a new customer then order a small
order. Many people that order larger started small and there is less financial risk.
My order is late, Where is it?
As with no trace I can't answer it's exact location. Usually it's a week or so overseas but customs and
general transit does cause delays. Seldom do order not arrive so please try and be patient. I will always
notify you of shipping once I packed the order and it goes into my mail bag. Please note: If an address is
clearly wrong that is given to me I cannot honor delivery, please check your address to make sure it is
What are the requirements to become a dealer?
If you own a bike shop or have a small sales center on the Internet I can offer a 20% or greater discount on average and requires a
reasonable minimum order. $500.00 Minimum
Please provide reasonable proof of ownership of some kind of establishment.

Larger dealer discounts require 1,000.00 minimum order and 10 piece minimum. Larger dealers are also restricted to some countries
where dealers already exist.
Do you sponsor or offer discounts for review websites?
At this time I am not accepting sponsorships and am not offering free items for review sites.
How do I measure titanium bolts?
Measurement tips are posted here:  Measuring Tips
I bought an item on E-bay, Can I combine shipping?
I am no longer selling on eBay, only personal items. I do not consult or can help with items purchased outside this website.
I have a stem and other bolts I need....Can you tell me the bolt sizes?
Sorry but you will have to measure for the correct bolts. The problem is if I advise on sizes I have to sometimes keep shipping and
do refunds when the item are incorrect.
Can you make Titanium Black or Red?
The titanium coloring process is not a dye process like aluminum.
Titanium coloring is an effect of light refraction and true red is not possible.
Black is a special process and I will be bringing in some black titanium bolts over time.
Can I get a discount for quantity?
Unfortunately I can only discount for dealers at this time. $500.00 Minimum
Can I return an Item?
In most cases I have no problem with returns. Sometimes items are bought in error and I do understand.
Shipping is not refundable.
Anodized titanium is not returnable as once colored I cannot remove it.
Parts need to be in new condition unless there is a flaw with the product.

Please contact me via email at
Do I need to pay sales tax?
All orders have no tax. Import fees to your country might apply but usually not. Within Canada I cover
the tax.
Past Due Accounts
All accounts past due will be suspended and further credit will not be offered.
Also my affiliation with a company that is in arrears will also be retracted.
Payments of past due bills must be made.
Do you do Drop Shipping?
I do not do or like this form of business.
Where are items mailed from?
All items are shipped directly from Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Shipping and Tracking FAQ's
Returns, Taxes and Contact FAQ's
Hardware, Measuring Bolts, Torques  FAQ's
Where can I use Aluminum Bolts?
Aluminum bolts should only be used on lower stress areas.  
Water bottle, Derailleur, Shifter and areas where there is not a lot of stress.
Aluminum bolts will not hold like a titanium or stainless bolt.
Where can I use Titanium Bolts?
Titanium bolts and hardware can be used anywhere as a replacement of steel.
What's the weight difference of Titanium vs. Aluminum?
Generally Titanium is half the weight of steel and Aluminum is 1/3rd the weight of steel. This is not exact but is generally the rule
of thumb is:
1 steel bolt = 2 titanium bolts
1 steel bolt = 3 Aluminum bolts
Are the bolts under warranty?
I usually warranty titanium bolts for breakage. I don't usually warranty socked strippage.
Aluminum bolts are not warrantied. Please do not over torque.
Please let me know if you have a problem.
What's the torque of titanium bolts and aluminum bolts?
I don't put up torque values. I just make bolts tight without breaking.
Please be careful if you use a torque value for steel bolts. For titanium as long as the socket doesn't strip you can use the same
base value. For aluminum it will be about half, aluminum bolts will pop the heads or break if made over tight.
Please don't over torque any bolt, it's an easy and common mistake as well as damage parts.
Anodizing Aluminum and Titanium  FAQ's
Do all colors match?
Not all colors match. Blue, Purple and gold can have some variation between companies and anodizing
processes. Please try and let me know prior to ordering.
Basically: When it comes to bolts I cannot match all shades so if you need exact matches please let me
know at ordering time.
Silver, Black and Red are more stable from company to company.
What else can you make in Pink?
Any item I sell can be made to pink if you can wait a few days for me to complete the process. In some
cases I will have to add a few dollars depending on the item. Pink is a harder color for me to make.
Are there shades of anodized colors?
There are different shades between companies on some colors.
Can you anodize a part I have?
We are doing outside anodizing but prefer new machines production parts.
Other FAQ's
How do I know my order was received?
Shortly after payment was made I will send an eMail like the one below, that meand the order is ready to go
and is in my mail bag for the next day pickup.
I packed your order and will have in the mail this afternoon.
Please allow 7-10 days for receipt on all international orders. If a delay occurs please try to be patient as
some orders do run late due to transit and border delays.
If you have any questions please feel free to ask.
Ordering, Shopping Cart and Payment  FAQ's
What form of payments do you accept?
I accept Paypal and personal checks. Credit cards can be processed by the Paypal website server.
Why is the add to cart button missing?
If the add to cart button is missing it means the item is out of stock. I try to keep stock on all items but
sometimes items can take a while for me to re-stock.
Can I send you a list or special order?
It is really best to use the Paypal shopping cart for all orders. Lists are very hard for me to work with.
If you like to send me your order to review you can copy and paste the cart contents and send to me via
eMail at
Paypal Shopping Cart?
I use a Paypal cart and your order should be held in the system for several days if you need time to come
back and review and order before you buy. Paypal will send you an email or a purchase and I will follow up
a few days later.
Can you make an item that is not listed?
All items I currently have are listed. I can take a suggestion for an item to be produced in the future but
would take some time to complete.
Can I send you items to tell me what I need?
It's best to take measurements and order directly, samples can get lost and take quite a bit of time.
Do all anodized colors match?
Colors like gold, purple and blue can definitely have shades of variation between processes and companies.
Can you anodize custom colors?
Sorry but's it impossible for me to do custom colors.
The add to cart button is missing?
Sorry, that means I am temporarily out of stock on that item.
Please Note: The Paypal shopping cart doesn't work properly on some browsers like Safari or Firefox
The cart is designed for use with Microsoft Internet Explorer
I'm not happy with the shade of a color I received?
In this case I don't have much option but to ask you to return the part for a refund as I cannot match all colors exactly.
What if my item does not arrive?
If tracking was not purchased then I cannot trace (Some exceptions apply). As I state on every page 5.00
shipping is Air Mail and does not include a trace. Once items leave here it is in the post office's hand.
Tracking to the USA and Canada isn't that expensive so I leave the option on this risk up to the customer.
99% of all items arrive without a problem.
The store policy since 2014 is to not re-ship because there is a chance that the item is the wrong address. I
would have to issue a refund also due the fact that shipping is often over $5.00.
In the event of refund (Usually associated with a Paypal claim) you will not be allowed to order from this
store in the future.
Sadly not all customers are honest and have abused the good nature of this system. I just can't afford it any
other way.
Credit Card charge backs without communication or tracking or reason will be added to the Internet
Vendor Black List Database.
Please consider the trace, this will guarantee delivery
Toronto Cycles Store
Frequently Asked Questions
What happened to Jersey Cycles?
Jersey-Cycles distributorship was closed. I have no direct association or contact.
Other distributors are separate entities. I can only assist with items purchased directly from me. If you have an issue with other
companies please direct it to those companies.
What is decorum?
Decorum means politeness, manners, dignity or a sense of etiquette. It does not mean idle threats or cursing.
Sadly some customers over the years seem to loose sight of this and tends to be mostly over shipping (Out of my control unless a
trace is purchased) or comes from a very small issue that is often easily resolved. Whatever the case rudeness is never good.
Customer Decorum
What if I decide to not have manners?
Generally you will be ejected from the store and asked to shop elsewhere. Future orders will be refused and your name will be added
to the black list with the details of the problem, copy of emails and reasons for ejection.
How come your not on eBay or Amazon?
I don't like or want to sell on these venues, costly and very time consuming. I do have active accounts but seldom use or do
personal or music gear and the like. Also these venues are not necessary for our business. Too Costly!
A black list?
A black list is kept on file. Cursing, insulting, strange and twisted comments, rude and nasty behaviour, extortion and or threats
(well you get the idea) will get you on the black list. paypal claims with no regard for tracking is considered. I do notify and
customers of this at the time of ejection and is a policy I keep in order to thin out the few bad cookies so I can care for the good
Sending Photos and Files?
I will only open photos if attached with a jpg or similar attachment.
I do not open zip files due to a corruption known as a Zip Bomb.
Do you store my credit card or personal information?
We never see your card information since the cart is a paypal service. I only see the shipping address and
order after the order is made.
Contact Us - Privacy
How To Measure Bolts
Warranty and Return
Shipping and Payment
Anodizing Titanium
Add Tracking to your
Canada = 8.00

USA = 13.00

International = 40.00
Please note that a tracking number is
extra cost and is very expensive
overseas. Some orders take extra time
so please be patient if a delay occurs.
Please check our FAQ page
if you have a question
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All Prices are in US Dollar
$5.00 - $10.00 Shipping via Air Mail
---Tracking is extra Costs---
Tracking costs are below the Item Column
I cannot tell you where a package is if tracking is not
purchased. Please consider tracking to prevent items
becoming late/lost although seldom happens.
Anodizing Dye Website
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Precision Billet
Precision Billet
We have had to increase shipping on all orders outside
the USA and Canada to $10.00. In the past we have taken
too far of a loss on shipping.
The change took place on October 28, 2015
USA and Canada will increase to 6.00 soon
Selecting the wrong country to save on shipping will be
a refund. The website is going under a full update to
reflect these changes.
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