Are my products under warranty?
Yes. I will warranty any item against defects that are bought from my store. If
you have a warranty issue please read on and contact
Tom at

Please Note on return shipping costs:
It is normal Internet protocol that return shipping be paid by the buyer in any
case. When I make a return on the Internet I am obliged to pay shipping.
In some cases I will help in return costs but only to a maximum of $5.00.
I ship for 5.00 and return should also be 5.00 maximum.
In a few cases customers want to return/exchange items for any reason and
want me to pay return shipping. In many cases the return charges high and I
will not pay more than 5.00 in costs.

How will I be refunded?
You will be taken care of directly and will be refunded thru Paypal. All items need
to be returned for inspection prior to any warranty and will be shipped or
refunded the day after receipt. Again please contact me first.

What is not under warranty?
Abuse, Rotor brake damage, Stripped socket heads. Over torquing bolts
(Breaking the heads off of multiple bolts by over tightening).
I try to be fair and want you to have a good product!

Return Policy
We allow return of goods on a case by case basis since the walk in store is
Sorry but we do not pay return shipping.

If you bought an item in error or want to exchange you have to return the item
and I will issue a refund. I can also exchange but will have to charge shipping
costs. Either way the returned item needs to arrive first.
We will work with you to get the correct part.

Refunds are subject to a 20% fee if you buy the wrong part and want a refund.
I need to clearly see that any part is defective and not the person installing is in
error. Sending photos helps of any problem you have.

Defective part : We will exchange or refund, often we will just re-ship a new item.

Please Note: Shipping a bolt internationally is now $7.00.
If the item is in error and is under this cost I will usually issue a refund as
shipping is much too expensive and I am running at a loss with $5.00 shipping
Owned and Operated by Toronto Cycles Productions Inc.
There will be a re-stock fee of
10 to 20% on returned items.

10% will be for simple and
regular stocked items.
20% will apply to anodized

Returns are costly in lost fees
and processing time.

Shipping is non refundable.
Shipping Information
Please check out FAQ page or Blog for
shipping rates and information.
All Prices are in US Dollar
$5.00-$10.00 Shipping via Air Mail
---Tracking is extra Costs---
Tracking costs are below the Item Column
Anodizing Dye Website
Anodize World Dyes and Supply  
Precision Billet
Precision Billet
We have had to increase shipping on all orders outside
the USA and Canada to $10.00. In the past we have
taken too far of a loss on shipping.
The change took place on October 28, 2015
USA and Canada will increase to 6.00 soon
Selecting the wrong country to save on shipping will
be a refund. The website is going under a full update to
reflect these changes.
Our Walk In Store
Please mail all returns to our post office box. Our mail man sometimes leaves
packages outside the store and gets stolen. The post office box is more

Toronto Cycles
P.O. Box 28021
2369 Kingston Rd.
Toronto, Ontario , M1N 1T0

Please make all checks payable to
Toronto Cycles Productions Inc.
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