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Titanium Security Bolts, Titanium Anti-Theft Bolts, Safety Hardware, Atomic22
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Titanium Security Bolts
Titanium Security Bolts are Grade 5-6AL-4V.
---Titanium Security Bolts---
New for 2016! These have a
special key that makes it
practically impossible to steal your
valuable bike parts!
Quantity is currently limited to 50
tool sets.
Non Taper Bolts
The use an allen key or a small screwdriver will work in the side hole. No special tools are needed. We will not sell
just the tool unless you have purchased before and have lost. The is to keep possible thieves from obtaining.
These will hold more torque than a standard bolt but due to the nature of this item I cannot warranty against
breakage. Please tighten by hand.
More items will be produced over time.
The tool is hardened steel.
The bolts are grade 5 titanium.
Other items will be made over time and most (Except for larger bolts) will use the same tool. Skewers, Crank bolts,
Narrow head bolts, KCNC Seatpost clamp Bolts.....Coming soon.
Anti-Theft Tool
6mm Tool
Black Non Taper Bolts
5mm Tool
Thompson Bolts
Titanium bolt kit for a Thomson
seatpost. This has the security
attachment and will require the 5mm
tool. No more seat theft
This version includes washers
5mm bolt, Uses the 5mm tool
35mm total length
12 grams for the set
Security Version!
Anodized Titanium Thomson Seat Bolt Kit with Washers
Green Titanium Version
Gold Titanium Version
Blue Titanium Version
Silver Titanium Version
Lavender Titanium Version
Don't be an easy victim!
As we all know bike parts can be valuable and in a city like Toronto there is a fair
chance your parts will get robbed. Toronto is often considered the bike stealing capitol
of North America. I have had several customers that have had seats and posts stolen,
wheels and one lost his stem and bars. One customer went in a shop for coffee and
took 5 minutes to loose his post. This was about a $400.00 loss.
So I have started making ti anti theft bolts and will be expanding into 2016.
These are impossible to remove without the tool.
Titanium bolt kit for a KCNC seatpost
clamp. This replaces the stock
scandium bolt that is prone to
beakage. Solid bolt to prevent using a
screwdriver on the stock hollow bolt.
Uses the 6mm tool
4.5 grams for the bolt
8mm bolt - Same as on chainrings
Security Version!
KCNC Seatpost Clamp Bolt
Raw Titanium
Blue Titanium
Gold Titanium
Lavender Titanium
Green Titanium
Titanium bolt kit Shimano
Derailleurs. This makes it impossible
to steal your shifter. Solid core bolt to
prevent breakage.
Uses the 6mm tool
11 grams for the bolt
Security Version!
Shimano Derailleur Bolt
Raw Titanium
Blue Titanium
Gold Titanium
Lavender Titanium
Green Titanium
Anti-theft skewers will help keep your wheels safe and secure.
Unique light-weight skewers prevent wheel theft for
quick-release hubs
Lock and unlock with special allen key. This socket has a pin
that prevents allen keys or standard torx from being used.
weight = 84 grams for the set
Includes special tool
Front skewer width = 110mm to 120mm (For all standard hubs)
Rear skewer length = 145mm to 155mm
Anti-Theft Pin Socket Security Skewers
Black Security Skewers
Orange Security Skewers
Red Security Skewers
Silver Security Skewers
Purple Security Skewers
Gold Security Skewers
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