M8x30 Red Aluminum Bolt
M8x30 Black Aluminum Bolt
M8x30 Alloy Bolts
M8x40 Red Aluminum Bolt
M8x40 Gold Aluminum Bolt
M8x40 Black Aluminum Bolt
M8x40 Alloy Bolts
M8x30 Silver Aluminum Bolt
M8x40 Silver Aluminum Bolt
M8x40 Purple Aluminum Bolt
M5x20 Red Countersunk Bolt
M5x10 Gold Aluminum Bolt
M5x10 Blue Aluminum Bolt
M5x10 Black Aluminum Bolt
M5x10 Silver Aluminum Bolt
M5x20 Red Aluminum Bolt
M5x20 Gold Aluminum Bolt
M5x20 Blue Aluminum Bolt
M5x20 Black Aluminum Bolt
M5x20 Alloy Bolts
M5x20 Silver Aluminum Bolt
M5x10 Red Aluminum Bolt
M5x10 Alloy Bolts
M8 Aluminum Alloy Bolts
Non-Taper Head
M5x20 Countersunk Alloy Bolts
M5x20 Black Countersunk Bolt
M5x12 Alloy Bolts
M5x12 Black Aluminum Bolt
Single Bolt Only
7075-t6 aluminium.
15mm diameter head - 4mm hex
M6x15 Aluminum Alloy Button Bolt
M6x15 Button Bolt : Black
M6x15 Button Bolt : Gold
M6x15 Button Bolt : Red
M6x15 Button Bolt : Blue
Single Bolt Only
7075-t6 aluminium.
15mm diameter head - 4mm hex
M6x20 Aluminum Alloy Button Bolt
M6x20 Button Bolt : Black
M6x20 Button Bolt : Gold
M6x20 Button Bolt : Red
M6x20 Button Bolt : Blue
M5x20 Silver Countersunk Bolt
M5x20 Gold Countersunk Bolt
M5x20 Blue Countersunk Bolt
M6x10 Black Countersunk Bolt
M6x10 Blue Countersunk Bolt
M6x10 Silver Countersunk Bolt
M6x10 Red Countersunk Bolt
M6x10 Gold Countersunk Bolt
M6x10 Purple Countersunk Bolt
M6x10 Countersunk Alloy Bolts
M6x20 Button Bolt : Silver
Single Bolt Only
7075-t6 aluminium.
15mm diameter head - 4mm hex
M6x10 Aluminum Alloy Button Bolt
M6x10 Button Bolt : Black
M6x10 Button Bolt : Gold
M6x10 Button Bolt : Red
M6x10 Button Bolt : Blue
M8 Red nut
M8 Aluminum Hex Nuts
M8 Black nut
M8 Silver nut
M8 Gold nut
Black 6mm Washer
M6 Aluminum Washers
Red 6mm Washer
Silver 6mm Washer
M5x10 Blue Torx
M6x10 Button Bolt : Silver
M6x15 Button Bolt : Silver
M5 Silver nut
M5 Aluminum Hex Nuts
M5 Purple nut
M5 Black nut
M6 Red nut
M6 Black nut
M6 Gold nut
M6 Silver nut
M6x50 Silver Countersunk Bolt
M6x50 Countersunk Alloy Bolts
M6x40 Silver Countersunk Bolt
M6x40 Countersunk Alloy Bolts
Aluminum Water Bottle Bolt Pair -  Type II
Bolt Pair: Red
M5x15mm aluminum bolt pair for water bottle cage mounting.
7075 T6
Each pack contains two bolts
2.4 grams for the pair
Made by Cool Race
Bolt Pair: Black
Bolt Pair: Gold
Bolt Pair: Blue
Bolt Pair: Pink
Bolt Pair: Green
Bolt Pair: Silver
Bolt Pair: Orange
M6 Aluminum Hex Nuts
Single Bolt Only
7075-t6 aluminium.
11.5mm diameter head - 4mm hex
M5x20 Aluminum Alloy Button Bolt
M5x20 Button Bolt : Black
M5x20 Button Bolt : Gold
M5x20 Button Bolt : Red
M5x20 Button Bolt : Blue
M5x20 Button Bolt : Silver
M5x50 Red Aluminum Bolt
M5x50 Alloy Bolts
M5x55 Red Aluminum Bolt
M5x55 Alloy Bolts
M5x75 Red Aluminum Bolt
M5x75 Alloy Bolts
M5x75 Black Aluminum Bolt
M5x50 Black Aluminum Bolt
M5x50 Gold Aluminum Bolt
M5x50 Blue Aluminum Bolt
M5x50 Silver Aluminum Bolt
M5x50 Purple Aluminum Bolt
M5x50 Pink Aluminum Bolt
M5x50 Green Aluminum Bolt
Shallow Head Aluminum Alloy Bolts
These look the same as the
torx bolts but use a standard
allen key.
Common for water bottle
M5x20 Red Shallow Head
M5x20 Shallow Head Alloy Bolts
M5x20 Black Shallow Head
M5x20 Silver Shallow Head
M5x20 Gold Shallow Head
M5x15 Red Shallow Head
M5x15 Shallow Head Alloy Bolts
M5x15 Black Shallow Head
M5x15 Silver Shallow Head
M5x15 Gold Shallow Head
M5x12 Red Shallow Head
M5x12 Shallow Head Alloy Bolts
M5x12 Black Shallow Head
M5x12 Silver Shallow Head
M6x10 Silver Shallow Head
M6x10 Shallow Head Alloy Bolts
M6x15 Silver Shallow Head
M6x15 Shallow Head Alloy Bolts
M6x20 Silver Shallow Head
M6x20 Shallow Head Alloy Bolts
M5x10 Red Shallow Head
M5x10 Shallow Head Alloy Bolts
M5x10 Black Shallow Head
M5x10 Silver Shallow Head
M5x10 Gold Shallow Head
M5x15 Gold Aluminum Bolt
M5x15 Blue Aluminum Bolt
M5x15 Black Aluminum Bolt
M5x15 Alloy Bolts
M5x15 Silver Aluminum Bolt
M5x15 Red Aluminum Bolt
M5x30 Red Aluminum Bolt
M5x30 Black Aluminum Bolt
M5x30 Alloy Bolts
M5x30 Silver Aluminum Bolt
M5x25 Red Aluminum Bolt
M5x25 Black Aluminum Bolt
M5x25 Alloy Bolts
M5x25 Silver Aluminum Bolt
M8 Aluminum Washers
Silver 8mm Washer
ID = 8.2mm
1.5mm Thick
Red 8mm Washer
Gold 8mm Washer
Black 8mm Washer
M6x10 Black Shallow Head
M6x10 Red Shallow Head
M6x10 Gold Shallow Head
M6x10 Blue Shallow Head
M6x15 Black Shallow Head
M6x15 Red Shallow Head
M6x15 Gold Shallow Head
M6x15 Blue Shallow Head
M6x20 Black Shallow Head
M6x20 Red Shallow Head
M6x20 Gold Shallow Head
M6x20 Blue Shallow Head
M6x40 Black Countersunk Bolt
M6x40 Red Countersunk Bolt
M6x40 Blue Countersunk Bolt
M6x40 Gold Countersunk Bolt
M6x40 Purple Countersunk Bolt
M6x50 Black Countersunk Bolt
M6x50 Red Countersunk Bolt
M6x50 Blue Countersunk Bolt
M6x50 Gold Countersunk Bolt
M6x50 Purple Countersunk Bolt
Taper Head Aluminum Bolts
5x10 Red Aluminum
5x10 Gold Aluminum
5x10 Black Aluminum
5x10 Blue Aluminum
M5x10 Taper Head Alloy Bolts
5x15 Red Aluminum Bolt
5x15 Gold Aluminum Bolt
5x15 Black Aluminum Bolt
5x15 Blue Aluminum Bolt
M5x15 Taper Head Alloy Bolts
5x15 Silver Aluminum Bolt
5x20 Red Aluminum Bolt
5x20 Gold Aluminum Bolt
5x20 Black Aluminum Bolt
5x20 Blue Aluminum Bolt
M5x20 Taper Head Alloy Bolts
5x20 Silver Aluminum Bolt
5x10 Silver Aluminum
5x8.5 Red Aluminum
5x8.5 Gold Aluminum
5x8.5 Black Aluminum
M5x8.5 Taper Head Alloy Bolts
5x8.5 Blue Aluminum
5x8.5 Silver Aluminum
M6x15 Red Aluminum Bolt
M6x15 Gold Aluminum Bolt
M6x15 Blue Aluminum Bolt
M6x15 Black Aluminum Bolt
M6x15 Alloy Bolts
M6x15 Silver Aluminum Bolt
M6x25 Red Aluminum Bolt
M6x25 Purple Aluminum Bolt
M6x25 Gold Aluminum Bolt
M6x25 Black Aluminum Bolt
M6x25 Alloy Bolts
M6x25 Silver Aluminum Bolt
M6x40 Red Aluminum Bolt
M6x40 Gold Aluminum Bolt
M6x40 Black Aluminum Bolt
M6x40 Alloy Bolts
M6x40 Silver Aluminum Bolt
M6x50 Red Aluminum Bolt
M6x50 Gold Aluminum Bolt
M6x50 Blue Aluminum Bolt
M6x50 Black Aluminum Bolt
M6x50 Alloy Bolts
M6x50 Silver Aluminum Bolt
M6x60 Red Aluminum Bolt
M6x60 Gold Aluminum Bolt
M6x60 Black Aluminum Bolt
M6x60 Alloy Bolts
M6x60 Silver Aluminum Bolt
M6x45 Red Aluminum Bolt
M6x45 Gold Aluminum Bolt
M6x45 Blue Aluminum Bolt
M6x45 Black Aluminum Bolt
M6x45 Alloy Bolts
M6x45 Silver Aluminum Bolt
M6x20 Red Aluminum Bolt
M6x20 Gold Aluminum Bolt
M6x20 Blue Aluminum Bolt
M6x20 Black Aluminum Bolt
M6x20 Alloy Bolts
M6x20 Silver Aluminum Bolt
M6x30 Red Aluminum Bolt
M6x30 Gold Aluminum Bolt
M6x30 Blue Aluminum Bolt
M6x30 Black Aluminum Bolt
M6x30 Alloy Bolts
M6x30 Silver Aluminum Bolt
M6x35 Red Aluminum Bolt
M6x35 Gold Aluminum Bolt
M6x35 Blue Aluminum Bolt
M6x35 Black Aluminum Bolt
M6x35 Alloy Bolts
M6x35 Silver Aluminum Bolt
M6x60 Blue Aluminum Bolt
M5x40 Red Aluminum Bolt
M5x40 Alloy Bolts
M5x40 Black Aluminum Bolt
M5x40 Gold Aluminum Bolt
M5x40 Blue Aluminum Bolt
M5x40 Silver Aluminum Bolt
M5x40 Purple Aluminum Bolt
M5x40 Pink Aluminum Bolt
M5x30 Blue Aluminum Bolt
M5x30 Gold Aluminum Bolt
M5x30 Purple Aluminum Bolt
M5x10 Purple Aluminum Bolt
Bolt Pair: Purple
M8 Red Lock nut
M8 Aluminum Alloy Lock Nuts
M8 Black Lock nut
M8 Silver Lock nut
M8 Gold Lock nut
M5 Silver Lock nut
M5 Aluminum Alloy Lock Nuts
M5 Purple Lock nut
M5 Black Lock nut
M6 Red Lock nut
M6 Black Lock nut
M6 Gold Lock nut
M6 Silver Lock nut
M6 Aluminum Alloy Lock Nuts
M5 Red nut
M5x90 Red Aluminum Bolt
M5x90 Alloy Bolts
M5x90 Black Aluminum Bolt
M6x10 Red Aluminum Bolt
M6x10 Gold Aluminum Bolt
M6x10 Blue Aluminum Bolt
M6x10 Black Aluminum Bolt
M6x10 Alloy Bolts
M6x10 Silver Aluminum Bolt
M5x90 Gold Aluminum Bolt
M5x90 Blue Aluminum Bolt
Aluminum Alloy Washers
Aluminum Alloy Torx Bolts
These use a t25 torx socket
M5x10 Red Torx
M5x10 Alloy Torx Bolts
M5x10 Black Torx
M5x10 Silver Torx
M5x10 Gold Torx
Do not overtorque these. These will
not hold up to lots of torque like a ti
Black 5mm Washer
M5 Aluminum Washers - Standard
Blue 5mm Washer
Red 5mm Washer
Silver 5mm Washer
Gold 5mm Washer
M5x10 Button Bolt : Black
M5x10 Button Bolt : Gold
M5x10 Button Bolt : Red
M5x10 Button Bolt : Blue
M5x10 Button Bolt : Silver
M5x8.5 Gold Aluminum Bolt
M5x8.5 Blue Aluminum Bolt
M5x8.5 Black Aluminum Bolt
M5x8.5 Silver Aluminum Bolt
M5x8.5 Pink Aluminum Bolt
M5x8.5 Red Aluminum Bolt
M5x8.5 Alloy Bolts
Aluminum Alloy Bolts - Non-Taper Head
Single Bolt Only
7075-t6 aluminium.
11.5mm diameter head - 4mm hex
M5x15 Aluminum Alloy Button Bolt
M5x15 Button Bolt : Black
M5x15 Button Bolt : Gold
M5x15 Button Bolt : Red
M5x15 Button Bolt : Blue
M5x15 Button Bolt : Silver
Single Bolt Only
11.5mm diameter head - 4mm hex
M5x10 Aluminum Alloy Button Bolt
M5x10 Red Shallow Button
5mm Alloy Bolts
Aluminum Alloy Bolts
Shallow - Button
M5x10 Black Shallow Button
M5x10 Blue Shallow Button
M5x10 Gold Shallow Button
M5x15 Red Shallow Button
M5x15 Black Shallow Button
M5x15 Blue Shallow Button
M5x15 Gold Shallow Button
M5x20 Red Shallow Button
M5x20 Black Shallow Button
M5x20 Blue Shallow Button
M5x20 Gold Shallow Button
M10 Red Lock nut
M10 Aluminum Alloy Lock Nut
1.25 Thread Pitch
M10 Black Lock nut
M10 Silver Lock nut
M5x10 Blue Shallow Head
M5x10 Purple Shallow Head
Black 5mm Washer
M5 Narrow Aluminum Washers
These washers have a smaller OD of 8.4mm
These are closer to the head diameter of a standard 5mm bolt
Blue 5mm Washer
Red 5mm Washer
Silver 5mm Washer
Gold 5mm Washer
M5x15 Blue Shallow Head
M5x15 Purple Shallow Head
M5x20 Blue Shallow Head
M5x20 Purple Shallow Head
M6x30 Purple Aluminum Bolt
M6x40 Blue Aluminum Bolt
M6x40 Purple Aluminum Bolt
M6x35 Purple Aluminum Bolt
M6x25 Blue Aluminum Bolt
Blue 6mm Washer
Gold 6mm Washer
Purple 6mm Washer
5mm Alloy Spacers (For 6mm bolts)
This is for an aluminium
alloy spacer.
ID= 6.2mm
10mm height
Black Spacer
10mm Thick Alloy Spacers (For 6mm bolts)
Red Spacer
Silver Spacer
Gold Spacer
Blue Spacer
Green Spacer
M8x15 Red Aluminum Bolt
M8x15 Gold Aluminum Bolt
M8x15 Black Aluminum Bolt
M8x15 Alloy Bolts
M8x15 Silver Aluminum Bolt
M8x15 Purple Aluminum Bolt
M8x15 Blue Aluminum Bolt
M8x20 Red Aluminum Bolt
M8x20 Gold Aluminum Bolt
M8x20 Black Aluminum Bolt
M8x20 Alloy Bolts
M8x20 Silver Aluminum Bolt
M8x20 Purple Aluminum Bolt
M8x20 Blue Aluminum Bolt
M8x25 Red Aluminum Bolt
M8x25 Gold Aluminum Bolt
M8x25 Black Aluminum Bolt
M8x25 Alloy Bolts
M8x25 Silver Aluminum Bolt
M8x25 Purple Aluminum Bolt
M8x25 Blue Aluminum Bolt
M8x30 Gold Aluminum Bolt
M8x30 Purple Aluminum Bolt
M8x30 Blue Aluminum Bolt
M8x40 Blue Aluminum Bolt
M5x10 Grey Torx
M6x15 Black Countersunk Bolt
M6x15 Blue Countersunk Bolt
M6x15 Silver Countersunk Bolt
M6x15 Red Countersunk Bolt
M6x15 Gold Countersunk Bolt
M6x15 Purple Countersunk Bolt
M6x15 Countersunk Alloy Bolts
M6x45 Purple Aluminum Bolt
M6x50 Purple Aluminum Bolt
5x20 Purple Aluminum Bolt
5x30 Red Aluminum Bolt
5x30 Gold Aluminum Bolt
5x30 Black Aluminum Bolt
5x30 Blue Aluminum Bolt
M5x30 Taper Head Alloy Bolts
5x30 Silver Aluminum Bolt
5x30 Purple Aluminum Bolt
M6x45 Green Aluminum Bolt
5x25 Red Aluminum Bolt
5x25 Gold Aluminum Bolt
5x25 Black Aluminum Bolt
5x25 Blue Aluminum Bolt
M5x25 Taper Head Alloy Bolts
5x25 Silver Aluminum Bolt
5x25 Purple Aluminum Bolt
M5x17 Red Aluminum Bolt
M5x17 Gold Aluminum Bolt
M5x17 Blue Aluminum Bolt
M5x17 Black Aluminum Bolt
M5x17.5 Alloy Bolts
M5x17 Silver Aluminum Bolt
M5x17 Purple Aluminum Bolt
Aluminum Bolts, Aluminum Alloy Parts, Aluminum Bike Bolts
5x17 Red Aluminum Bolt
5x17 Gold Aluminum Bolt
5x17 Black Aluminum Bolt
5x17 Blue Aluminum Bolt
M5x17 Taper Head Alloy Bolts
5x17 Silver Aluminum Bolt
M6x30 Silver Countersunk Bolt
M6x30 Countersunk Alloy Bolts
M6x30 Black Countersunk Bolt
M6x30 Red Countersunk Bolt
M6x30 Blue Countersunk Bolt
M6x30 Gold Countersunk Bolt
M6x30 Purple Countersunk Bolt
M6x20 Silver Countersunk Bolt
M6x20 Countersunk Alloy Bolts
M6x20 Black Countersunk Bolt
M6x20 Red Countersunk Bolt
M6x20 Blue Countersunk Bolt
M6x20 Gold Countersunk Bolt
M6x20 Purple Countersunk Bolt
M6x25 Silver Countersunk Bolt
M6x25 Countersunk Alloy Bolts
M6x25 Black Countersunk Bolt
M6x25 Red Countersunk Bolt
M6x25 Blue Countersunk Bolt
M6x25 Gold Countersunk Bolt
M6x25 Purple Countersunk Bolt
M5x15 Red Countersunk Bolt
M5x15 Countersunk Alloy Bolts
M5x15 Black Countersunk Bolt
M5x15 Silver Countersunk Bolt
M5x15 Gold Countersunk Bolt
M5x15 Blue Countersunk Bolt
Aluminum Countersunk Bolts
M5x10 Red Countersunk Bolt
M5x10 Countersunk Alloy Bolts
M5x10 Black Countersunk Bolt
M5x10 Silver Countersunk Bolt
M5x10 Gold Countersunk Bolt
M5x10 Blue Countersunk Bolt
M5x12 Gold Shallow Head
M5x12 Blue Shallow Head
M5x12 Purple Shallow Head
M6x10 Green Aluminum Bolt
M6x10 Orange Aluminum Bolt
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M10 Gold Lock nut
M10 Blue Lock nut
M10 Purple Lock nut
M5x35 Red Aluminum Bolt
M5x35 Black Aluminum Bolt
M5x35 Alloy Bolts
M5x35 Silver Aluminum Bolt
M5x35 Blue Aluminum Bolt
M5x35 Gold Aluminum Bolt
M5x35 Purple Aluminum Bolt
M5x25 Gold Aluminum Bolt
M5x25 Blue Aluminum Bolt
M5x25 Purple Aluminum Bolt
M5x12 Silver Aluminum Bolt
M5x12 Red Aluminum Bolt
M5x12 Gold Aluminum Bolt
M5x12 Blue Aluminum Bolt
M5x12 Purple Aluminum Bolt
M6x35 Silver Countersunk Bolt
M6x35 Countersunk Alloy Bolts
M6x35 Black Countersunk Bolt
M6x35 Red Countersunk Bolt
M6x35 Blue Countersunk Bolt
M6x35 Gold Countersunk Bolt
M6x35 Purple Countersunk Bolt
M6x45 Silver Countersunk Bolt
M6x45 Countersunk Alloy Bolts
M6x45 Black Countersunk Bolt
M6x45 Red Countersunk Bolt
M6x45 Blue Countersunk Bolt
M6x45 Gold Countersunk Bolt
M6x45 Purple Countersunk Bolt
M5x10 Orange Aluminum Bolt
M5x10 Orange Shallow Head
M5x12 Red Shallow Head
M5x12 Shallow Head Alloy Bolts
M5x12 Black Shallow Head
M5x12 Silver Shallow Head
M5x10 Blue Shallow Head
M5x10 Purple Shallow Head
M5x12 Gold Shallow Head
M5x12 Blue Shallow Head
M5x10 Orange Shallow Head
M6x15 Orange Countersunk Bolt
M8x10 Silver Shallow Head
M8x10 Shallow Head Alloy Bolts
M8x15 Silver Shallow Head
M8x15 Shallow Head Alloy Bolts
M8x10 Black Shallow Head
M8x10 Red Shallow Head
M8x10 Gold Shallow Head
M8x10 Blue Shallow Head
M8x15 Black Shallow Head
M8x15 Red Shallow Head
M8x15 Gold Shallow Head
M8x15 Blue Shallow Head
M8x10 Purple Shallow Head
M8x15 Purple Shallow Head
M8x20 Silver Shallow Head
M8x15 Shallow Head Alloy Bolts
M8x20 Black Shallow Head
M8x20 Red Shallow Head
M8x20 Gold Shallow Head
M8x20 Blue Shallow Head
M8x20 Purple Shallow Head
M6x25 Silver Shallow Head
M6x25 Shallow Head Alloy Bolts
M6x25 Black Shallow Head
M6x25 Red Shallow Head
M6x25 Gold Shallow Head
M6x25 Blue Shallow Head
M6x25 Purple Shallow Head
M6x30 Silver Shallow Head
M6x30 Shallow Head Alloy Bolts
M6x30 Black Shallow Head
M6x30 Red Shallow Head
M6x30 Gold Shallow Head
M6x30 Blue Shallow Head
M6x30 Purple Shallow Head
5mm Alloy Spacers (For 6mm bolts)
This is for an aluminium
alloy spacer.
ID= 6.2mm
5mm height
Black Spacer
5mm Thick Alloy Spacers (For 6mm bolts)
Red Spacer
Silver Spacer
Gold Spacer
Blue Spacer
Green Spacer
5mm Alloy Spacers (For 6mm bolts)
This is for an aluminium
alloy spacer.
ID= 6.2mm
5mm height
Black Spacer
2.5mm Thick Alloy Spacers (For 6mm bolts)
Red Spacer
Silver Spacer
Gold Spacer
Blue Spacer
Green Spacer
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