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Extralite Ultra Levers 2
The Extralite Ultra Lever is one of the lightest
levers in the world at 56g for the pair! The lever
improves lever feel with both two and one finger
use. The fine tuning preload and positioning
adjustments make this a simple and lightweight
lever for MTB or BMX .

The Ultra Lever 2 works with any linear pull
Weight: 56g pair
Material: 7075
Construction: Hyper-accurate cnc.
Compatibile with standard V-brakes.
Compatibile with grip and trigger shifters.
Tuning: Cable preload and lever positioning.
Graphics: Laser etched.
Extralite Streeter Skewers Colors
Extralite Streeter Skewers
Extralite Streeter Skewers Pair - 29 Grams
Levers are beautifully created by multiaxial 3D
machining. Framework art is joined to spherical
adjustable support.
No compromises: also front rod is made of titanium.
Hi-grade aerospace Titanium rods can resist up to
1000 Kgf of pull. Individually ultrasonic tested.
Nuts and base plates can self adjust to spoil
extra-stress on rods and threads.

Weight: 29g.(pair)
Levers: CNC Framework.
Nuts: self-adjusting plates.
Rods: Titanium GRD5 forged and butted.
Compatibility: 100/130mm standard hubs.
Finishing: black/colour anodized.
Graphics: laser etched.
Download User Manual
Black Streeters
Extralite Ultrastar 3 Expander - 5.9 Grams
The Extralite Ultrastar 3 uses a  and  
dual wedge design with a range of
adjustments from 22.8mm to 25.2mm to
fit most steerer tubes including carbon.

Weight: 5.9gr.
Expander: 7075 T6 CNC.
Compatible: standard 1-1/8 steer tubes,
Uses standard M6 Top Cap bolts.
Diameters: min. 22.8mm max. 25.2mm.
UltraStar Expander
New Item!
Sorry, Temporarly sold out
Extralite Alien 4 Skewer Set - 39g
Aliens 4 skewer set is fully compatible with all with
frames equipped with vertical dropouts and hubs (front
9x100mm, rear 10x130mm and 135mm).

Maximum dropout thickness: 8mm on 135mm frames.
Levers are beautifully created by multiaxial 3D
machining. Framework art is joined to spherical
adjustable support.
Hi-grade aerospace Titanium rods can resist up to 1300
Kgf of pull. Individually ultrasonic tested.
Nuts and base plates can self-adjust to reduce stress
on rod threads.
Weight: 39g./set.
Levers: CNC Framework.
Rods: Titanium Grade 5 forged and butted.
Compatibility: 100/135mm standard hubs.
Bushings: bronze, self lubing.
Nuts: self-adjusting plates.
Springs: stainless steel.
Graphics: laser etched.
Download User Manual
Black Alien 4
Extralite Alien 2 Skewer Set - 59g
Aliens skewer set is fully compatible
with all standard hubs for mtb (front
100mm, rear 130/135mm) and with
frames equipped with vertical
These little guys like to sit snugly in
our Extra-Wheels, smooth in action
and in the zero gravity weight
Hi-grade Titanium rods are machine
butted both for weight reduction and
increased stregnth.
Weight: 59gr./set.
Pivots: Titanium.
Levers: Ergal CNC.
Rods: butted Titanium.
Springs: hardened steel.
Bushings: synthetic, self lubing.
Purple Alien 2
Extralite Ultra Brakes
Extralite Ultra Brakes
V-Brake, powerful & responsive, precisely
adjustable Carbon fiber linear springs, 4
sealed ball bearings hyper accurate 3D cnc
construction, black anodized with laser
etched graphics, complete with hardware &
pads, 98gr (front set or rear set)
1set is for 1 wheel. Price is for one set.

Super tricky tapered carbon-fibre return
springs, easily adjustable by micrometric
tuning bolts.
Free pivoting linkage and self lubing derlin
sliders make this 3 point isostatic system
device nearly stiction-free.

Weight: 98g.(pair)
Springs: Carbon Fiber
KoolStop dual compound shoes.
Download User Manual
Black Ultra Brakes
ExtraLite HyperCap
ExtraLite has one of the lightest top caps in the
world...The Hypercap!
Preload should be set with a stronger cap and
bolt if possible. This would be swapped in after
preload is complete.
Drilling the bolt shaved an additional 1.7 grams.
The bolt is m6x20 so the star nut needs to be
close to the top cap. the shorter bolt also
reduces weight.
ExtraLite HyperCap - 2.9g Top Cap with Bolt
HyperCap Purple
HyperCap Orange
---May 12th, 2020  Update---

The problem I am having is an extreme mail delay. We are currently having more mail in the system than Christmas and half the
workers. Since most small packages cant be tracked I have to remain closed.

---April 2020---

I decided to put the store on vacation today. As we all know recent events have placed a strain on everything including the postal
system. I have been dealing with late packages and some returns.

Too bad because this is a busy time. I'll watch to see how things go and will keep everyone posted.

All orders placed up to this date will still be processed but please dont place orders. Paypal fees are not refundable.

Talk soon, Tom