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September 15, 2014
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Store customers will pay store prices but in Canadian dollar so is still a 10% discount.
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Precision Billet Rear Derailleurs
are Available. Only 151 grams!
Please check our Blog or the
Precision Billet page for updates
and details.
Limited supply so get one now!
Email me for purchase please.
Update: The 1999 MKII Derailleur
will be released soon!
Phil Wood Spoke Machine
Glute Saddle Titanium rails
Glute Tempore Saddle: Time Trial
Stand out from the crowd using
tempore:temtatio! Featuring high
density foam and a thick nose area for
time trialists and triathletes who
spend long periods of time on the
saddle. In addition the Aerodynamic
PVC Cover ensures that no additional
energy is wasted due to drag forces.
Lastly the glu:tium ensures that road
vibrations are Reduced
Glute Time Trial Saddle
Sorry...This item only ships to the USA and Canada
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RC Parts and Upgrades
Titanium Spokes Anodized
Anodized Titanium Spokes in Stock    
Phil Wood custom spoke cutting services     
Titanium Seatpost Clamp
Ultralight Titanium 34.9mm Seatpost Clamp
Only 18 grams
Natural Ti 34.9mm
This is for an all titanium
Ultralight seatpost clamp.
Includes an m5 Titanium bolt.
For 34.9mm seat tubes. These
clamps have a lip lock
18 grams
Blue Ti 34.9mm
Gold Ti 34.9mm
M8 Titanium Crank Bolts
M8 Titanium Crank Bolts  
For use with crank
systems that use
square taper
Bottom Brackets.
All titanium.
15 grams for the set.
Precision Billet Ultralight 34.9mm Seatpost Clamps
Only 9.5 grams - Lip Lock
This is for a Precision
Billet anodized aluminum
Ultralight seatpost clamp.
Includes an m5 titanium
bolt. For 34.9mm seat
tubes. These clamps have
a lip lock. Logo Free.
Please don't over torque.
9.5 grams
Red Alloy 34.9mm
Silver Alloy 34.9mm
Black Alloy 34.9mm
Blue Alloy 34.9mm
Gold Alloy 34.9mm
Precision Billet Seatpost Clamp
Purple Alloy 34.9mm
Green Alloy 34.9mm
Pink Alloy 34.9mm
Toronto Cycles Jumble
We have a large selection of
titanium fasteners  and  Titanium
Anodizing Services
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ALuminum Bolts
Aluminum and
Titanium Bicycle Bolts
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Anodizing Supply
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Raw Torx
Gold Torx
Blue Torx
Green Torx
Lavender Torx
Titanium Torx Bolts in many colors
Limit of 12 Per Customer!
M5x10mm Titanium Torx Disc Brake Rotor Bolts
$1.00 Each
Sale ends September
SkyHigh Titanium Camping Hooks
4 Sky High Ti Sheppard Hooks - 2.0mm
The lightest Ti Sheppard Hooks.
These have a 2mm diameter and are
grade 5 titanium.
They will hold quite a bit but will flex.

These are available in anodized colors.
From SkyHighTi
4 Silver- 2.0mm Hooks
4 Blue- 2.0mm Hooks
4 Gold- 2.0mm Hooks
4 Lavender- 2.0mm Hooks
4 Green- 2.0mm Hooks
Anodized Titanium Crank Arm Dust Caps    
Titanium Crank Arm Dust Caps
Blue Titanium
Gold Titanium
Lavender Titanium
Green Titanium
This is for a pair of Titanium
crank arm dust caps.
22mm threads.
Fits all standard cranks and
covers the crank bolt for a
cleaner look..
6mm socket
9.5 grams for the set
Silver Titanium
Black Titanium
Black Shimano Dura-Ace Titanium Pad Bolt
with Fixing Bolt Set
This is for a titanium brake
pad set for Shimano
Dura-Ace. Includes Ti pad
fixing bolts.
These fit Shimano Ultegra
and Dura-Ace systems
5g for everything shown in
the photo
Black Titanium Dura Ace Brake Bolt Kit
Shipping Information
Please check out FAQ page or Blog
for shipping rates and information.
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AEST Brake Levers - Ultralight 2014
This is for a AEST brake lever set. These are the
newer style we just received in 2014
2 Finger design.
These are linear pull for use with v-brakes or
disc brakes only. One of the lightest brake levers.
56g for the pair including all hardware.
These have a return spring to assist the
retraction of the cable.
The 3 small bolts replacement size is m3x10.
Bar Clamp Diameter:= 22.2 mm
Red Brake Levers
Black Brake Levers
Gold Brake Levers
Blue Brake Levers
Ti (Color) Brake Levers
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