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Precision Billet
Precision Billet
Owned and Operated by Toronto Cycles
We have a large selection
of titanium fasteners  
and Titanium Anodizing
We do outside aluminum
anodizing, bead blasting and
carry anodizing supply.
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Our Walk In Store
Last Update: January 19, 2018
Titanium Security Bolts
---Titanium Security Bolts---
New for 2017! These have a special key that makes it practically impossible
to steal your valuable bike parts!
Quantity is currently limited to 50 tool sets.
Items are posted on the
Security Bolt Page
New Item!
For those people still running v/linear/direct pull brakes,
we offer the Motolite. This brake has proven itself to be the
best of this genre time and time again: it’s high-powered,
has excellent modulation and is easy to adjust/maintain.
The Motolite, Paul Components' flagship linear pull brake, has
been around the block a time or two. Paul considers the design is
so near to perfect that there is no foreseeable reason to ever
change it. First introduced in 1990, Paul's brake pivot mechanism
has an excellent track record. A stainless steel bushing mates
the brake to the frame's brake posts and provides a larger bearing
surface with a tightly controlled tolerance.The brake arms are
precision ground and then CNC machined into a light weight, but
more importantly strong and reliable form. A brake collar fits
around each cylindrical arms and holds the Kool-Stop brake pads
in place, while allowing them to be finely tuned for height and
toe-in. These pivots are pre-greased for smooth action and sealed
to keep them that way. Specially wound square springs offer a
snappy return and are easily adjusted and balanced. The quick-
release mechanism is simple but reliable, allowing you to easily
open up the brake when you need to, but never rattling open on
its own. The cable enters the brake through a curved noodle with
a Teflon lining for reduced friction. Thanks to the switchable
brake arms the cable can be routed into the brake from the left or
Material 6061 Aluminum
Weight 137g
Finish Anodized
Anodized Color Black or Silver
Cable Pull Long Pull↓
Brake Pads Salmon Kool Stop Thinline
Paul Components- Motolite
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Ti Prep
Prevents cold-welding, galling, and seizing of
metal to metal contact parts, especially those
subject to extreme pressures and moist
conditions such as bolt threads, seatposts,
pedals, bottom brackets, etc. For all metals, but
essential when attaching reactive metals like
titanium, aluminum, and specialty alloys and
A very small amount is needed. Cut the corner
of the bag a ssmall as possible to squeeze out
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We do some consignment and
trade on used items.
If you would like us to
consign or purchase used
parts please contact us.
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King Cage: Many Things Titanium Cargo Cage
We have recently moved
to Solar Energy!
Extralite Ultra Levers 2
The Extralite Ultra Lever is one of the
lightest levers in the world at 56g for
the pair! The lever improves lever feel
with both two and one finger use. The
fine tuning preload and positioning
adjustments make this a simple and
lightweight lever for MTB or BMX .

The Ultra Lever 2 works with any linear
pull brake.
Weight: 56g pair
Material: 7075
Construction: Hyper-accurate cnc.
Compatibile with standard V-brakes.
Compatibile with grip and trigger
Tuning: Cable preload and lever
Graphics: Laser etched.
Black Body and Lever
Red Body and Bronze Lever
Titanium Brake Post Stud Pair
M10 - 1.0 Pitch
M10 - 1.25 Pitch
M8 - 1.25 Pitch
M10 Aluminum = 7.7g
M10 Titanium = 11g
M10 - 1.50 Pitch
BMX - 5/16"
On Sale Now!
Raw Bowties
Blue Bowties
Gold Bowties
Green Bowties
Lavender Bowties
Black Bowties
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Shipping without tracking is out of my control and no longer works on my end.
We will be working on the website to reflect this change.
Smaller order can still be shipped via Air mail since many orders are under 50.00.
More expensive orders will ship for free to serve as a bit of a discount.
Titanium Jockey Wheels
Titanium Jockey wheel set. Titanium
side caps. Free spinning Stainless Steel
shielded bearing.
8mm width, for use with 5mm bolts.
Made in Canada.
17.5 grams for the set
Titanium Jockey Wheel Set - Ultralight Version
Gold Titanium
Blue Titanium
Silver Titanium
Gold Anodize to side caps only (No Charge)
On Sale Now!
New Item!
Titanium Track Hub Bolts
These are titanium bolts for track hubs and other
locations. These have full threads. Please check sizing
and thread pitch because I don't know all the bolts each
hub makes without seeing the bolt in person.
10mm threads - 17.2mm head diameter
6mm allen socket - 6mm head height
Titanium Track Hub Bolts - M10 - Fully Threaded
1.0 Pitch-M10x20
New Item!
1.25 Pitch-M10x20
1.5 Pitch-M10x20
1.0 Pitch-M10x25
1.25 Pitch-M10x25
1.5 Pitch-M10x25
1.0 Pitch-M10x30
1.25 Pitch-M10x30
1.5 Pitch-M10x30
1.0 Pitch-M10x35
1.25 Pitch-M10x35
1.5 Pitch-M10x35
1.25 Pitch-M10x15
Far and Near
Precision Billet
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Paul Components
Titanium Security Bolts
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Anodizing Titanium
xles & Levers are made of 6/4 Titanium Alloy
With 2 stainless springs
Nuts are made of 7075 Anodized Aluminum Alloy, CNC machined
Effective front hub width: 100mm, Effective rear hub width: 135mm,  for Road & MTB
Approximate Weight: 37g only (Front&Rear)
J&L QR Titanium Skewers - Titanium Handle - 37 grams
Green Skewers
New Item!
Black Skewers
Red Skewers
Blue Skewers
Oversize Titanium Cage for carrying
whatever is needed on your adventure
Standard 3 bolt mounting is compatible
with Salsa and Surly front fork bolt
Minimalist, small design
Includes 2 straps designed to hold
whatever is in the cage
Weight: 37g.
Speedplay Zero Titanium Pedal Bowties - Set of 4
Aftermarket Replacement Titanium
spindle set for SpeedPlay Zero.
Grade 5 Titanium. 6al-4v
These need to be centered when
18 grams for the set
We can anodize your titanium order - Check the Titanium Anodizing Page
Shipping Information
Please check out the shipping
page for shipping rates and
Titanium Hex Head Flange Bolts
M10 - 1.0 Pitch - Track Hubs
M10X32 =
1.0 Pitch
16.5mm flange
12mm socket
These are used on licence plates and
other applications. The torx provides a
bit of security from theft and uses an
odd size. will require washers. Note;
Most licence plates are 1/4" bolts but
these will work on the nylon inserts
commonly used.
Head Diameter = 10.2mm
T27 Torx Socket, 6mm bolt.
M6 Titanium Licence Plate Bolts with Torx Socket
6x10 Torx - Raw
6x12.5 Torx - Raw
6x15 Torx - Raw
6x10 Torx - Black
6x12.5 Torx - Black
6x15 Torx - Black
Titanium Brake Post Stud Pair
Titanium Brake Post Stud Pair
Hollow 8mm and 6mm (Late 90's Cannondale)
M8 - 1.25 Pitch
These titanium studs are special production. The 8mm is
standard but hollow in the center to save weight. The 6mm is
an oddball and is for late model cannondale
New Item!
ExtraLite has one of the lightest top caps in the
world...The Hypercap!
Preload should be set with a stronger cap and
bolt if possible. This would be swapped in after
preload is complete.
Drilling the bolt shaved an additional 1.7 grams.
The bolt is m6x20 so the star nut needs to be
close to the top cap. the shorter bolt also
reduces weight.
ExtraLite HyperCap - 2.9g Top Cap with Bolt
HyperCap Black
HyperCap Purple
HyperCap Red
HyperCap Orange
Toronto Cycles, Titanium Bolts, Aluminum Bolts, Toronto Bike Parts
Far and Near Thru Axles
Far and Near Thru Axles - Black
Aluminum Thru Axles by far and Near.
About 40g grams each. - 6mm allen
Rock Shox Boost - 15mm-110
Fox Shox Boost - 15mm-110
Rock Shox - 15mm-100
Fox - 15mm-100
Maxle - 12mm-142
E-Thru - 12mm-142
Scott - 12mm-142
Boost E-Thru - 12mm-148
New Item!