July 29, 2015
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Add Gold Titanium Color to Your Entire Order For $2.00
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Far and Near Derailleur Tuning Kits with Jockey Wheels
Far and Near complete derailleur tuning kits are available for Shimano (Not for 9000 series), Campy and
some Sram front and rear derailleurs. Please check your derailleur to make sure is proper. Some Sram use
different pulleys (Shown on the bottom of this web page).
All parts are 7075 series aluminum.
The pulleys come with one 4mm brass sleeve as some units use one 4mm bolt.
Please note the kits on mail order do not come with packaging due to excessive shipping costs.
Will update shortly with weights and more information
Shimano Red
Far and Near Tuning Kit for Derailleurs
Shimano Kits:
Not made for 9000 series although most
will fit anyways.  Please note this kit had
5 spoke pulleys. The jockey wheels are a
bit different from the stock photo
Shimano Gold
Shimano Black
Shimano Blue
Campy Tuning Kit
Sram Tuning Kit
Sram Tuning Kit
Campy Tuning Kit
Sram Black
Sram Kits:
Please check your derailleur to make
sure it uses standard Shimano type
pulleys. Please note this kit had 5 spoke
pulleys. The jockey wheels are a bit
different from the stock photo
Sram Red
Campy Black
Campy Kits:
Please check your derailleur to make
sure it uses standard Shimano type
pulleys.Please note this kit had 5 spoke
pulleys. The jockey wheels are a bit
different from the stock photo
Campy Red
Please note the kits on mail order do not come with packaging due to shipping costs.
This accessory mount installs in
place of the top cap.
It allows 2 lights or computers to
be used at once.
Does not include top cap bolt.
Price is for ONE unit.
47 grams each.
25mm bar diameter.
For 1 1/8" Forks.
AEST Light Accessory Mount - Top Cap Mounted
Red Mount
Black Mount
Gold Mount
Blue Mount
AEST Hydraulic Disc Brake System - Full CNC - Dual Piston
AEST Disc Brake System F&R Red
AEST Disc Brake System F&R Black
This is for an AEST Hydraulic Disc Brake
The Lever is anodized CNC Aluminum.
Fits Standard 22mm Bars.
Thumb slack adjuster.

The caliper is silver CNC aluminum and is
one piece construction.
Dual Piston
Post Mount Systems.

Adapeter included to mount to IS mounts.
Black Stainless hardware included.

Front hose is 80cm (31 inches)
Rear Hose is 140cm (55 inches)

The caliper and lever bleeder/ reservoir
bleeder screws are cnc and use an o-ring.
These are opened easily with a pin tool or
small allen key.

160mm Rotor = 114g
Front System (Caliper/ Hose/ Lever) = 203g
Rear System (Caliper/ Hose/ Lever) = 215g

Rreplacement pads are on the disc brake
pad page and will have sintered option as
Please note the rotor is silver stainless.

These are really nice brakes for the cost.
This item only ships to the USA and Canada
We have a large selection of titanium fasteners  
and Titanium Anodizing Services
Photos property of Toronto Cycle
Cervello Titanium Bolts
Coming Soon: Cervello Titanium Bolts
Far and Near derailleur
wheel keychian.
price is for for one unit.
Does not include packaging.
Far and Near Derailleur Wheel Keychain
Archived Updates
There will be a re-stock fee of 10 to 20% on
returned items. More details will be on the
shipping and return page.
A2z Ultralight Disc Brake Pads
A2z Ultralight pads save almost half the
weight of regular disc brake pads. The
pads are asbestos free, organic material.
The backing plate is aluminum and is
not recomended for severe braking. shed
some weight!
Shimano 2011 XTR / M985 / XT M785
Recent Updates
The Contact Us page has been updated.
We started telephone service in late 2012. Prior
to this we were using email only.
Recently the calling volume has increased to
the point where this service will only be
available to dealers, bike shops and vendors. I
need to devote my time to the business .
All other inquiries will need to be via eMail only.
Our Store hours will now be on Saturdays from
Other hours are for Dealers and Bike Shops.
We do not do repairs.
We are an Internet based company. Most of our
time needs to be devoted to this.
Toronto Cycles Store
Titanium Bolts, Aluminum Bolts, Toronto Bike Parts, Titanium Bike Bolts
M12 titanium bolts are in stock and can be found on the titanium motorcycle bolts page.
Crank arm dust caps are finished. Precision Billet brake levers coming soon.
Our new store sign is finished and will post soon....
We are back from our time off and are back to normal business.
I will post some updated on the Blog and Facebook shortly.
M5x10mm Titanium Torx Disc Brake Rotor Bolts
$1.00 Each
M5x10mm titanium torx bolts for front disc brake rotors. Uses a t25 socket.
Raw Torx
Gold Torx
Green Torx
Lavender Torx
Titanium Torx Bolts
Blue Torx
Please limit 12 per customer
Wine Red-  Alloy Plates - Polish Finish
PTFE baked coating for lubricous coating
far and Near Jockey Wheels
Silver Titanium hardware

Derailleur Specs:
2;1 ratio for Shimano and most Sram shifter types.
Sram uses a different ratio on some shifters (ESP)
so please make sure compatiable
average weight with alloy cages: 158 grams
Jockey Bolt center to center = 93mm (XL)

All specs, weights, warranty, shipping and other
information is available at
USA and CANADA only!
International is an extra 60.00 in shipping.
Precision Billet Red Derailleur - Alloy Long Cage
Precision Billet CNC Aluminum Crank arm dust caps.
For use with all standard cranks.
These caps make for a more finished look and hides the crank bolt.
Uses a 6mm socket. 22m Threading
5 grams per pair.
Precision Billet Anodized Aluminum Crank Arm Dust Cap Pair
Crank Arm Dust Caps in Colors
Dust Caps Red
Dust Caps Raw
Dust Caps Blue
Dust Caps Black
Dust Caps Gold
Dust Caps Purple
Dust Caps Orange
Dust Caps Green
We have some new products from AEST! New magnesium pedals, updated skewers, bottle
cages and magnesium integrated wheels.
Our New Store Sign!
M12X30 =
1.25 Pitch
Titanium Hex Head Flange Bolts
M12 - 1.25 Pitch
M12x50 =
1.25 Pitch
M12X20 =
1.25 Pitch
M12x40 =
1.25 Pitch
1.25 Pitch
20mm flange / 14mm socket
M12X75 =
1.25 Pitch
M12X60 =
1.25 Pitch
M12x120 =
1.25 Pitch
1.25 Pitch
New Arrival!
AEST CNC Platform Pedals with Ti Axle -
Butterfly 07 Series - OIL SLICK!
Full CNC Aluminum
• Replaceable cleat
• Axle is Titanium.
• 3 Sealed Ball
Bearings. 2 bearings on
the inner for extra

• Weight 85 grams each
Sold In Pairs
Far and Near Brake Boss Plug Bolt Pair
This is for a pair of far and Near brake boss plugs.
Fits unused V brake mounting holes on a fork/frame.
3g for the set. Torx Socket. Low profile head
Please measure your studs or holes to make sure they are the correct size
and thread pitch. I cannot really determine based on frame model or fork.
M10 x 1.0 pitch - Fine threading
Far and Near Brake Boss Plug Bolt Pair - M10
Blue M10
Gold M10
Red M10
Black M10